Light Fixture Falls On High School Wrestler’s Head During Match [VIDEO]


The unthinkable happened on Friday night during a high school wrestling showcase in South Dakota. Michael McComish, a senior from Chamberlain High School, was returning to the center of the ring when all of a sudden a spotlight fell from the ceiling and landed directly on him.

You may ask, why is the video so dark? Was the camera being used made in the 1970s? No. The light that fell on McComish was the only light being used at the event. They keep the gym dark and give out glow-sticks to those in attendance, thus making it infinitely easier to make out with girls in the stands without teachers seeing.

McComish was fine and ended up with only a few cuts and bruises. Being a tough wrestler, he tweeted out the following photo letting the SD wrestling community know he was okay.

Wrestler Tweet (1)

Wrestler Tweet (2)

Bob’s Blitz was all up in their South Dakota high school wrestling news, so h/t to them on this find.

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