In L.A., Patriots Fan Arrested For Hitting Ravens Fan With Beer Bottle & More!

LA: Patriots Fan Arrested For Hitting Ravens Fan W/Beer Bottle & More

According to @thewestwingla, that’s Tom Brady fan being arrested last night after hitting Ravens fan with a beer bottle at a Los Angeles bar. It has now been 8 seasons since Tom Brady and Hoodie have won a Super Bowl. With that kind of drought, can you not blame Patriots fan for getting frustrated at what has become of the once proud franchise?

You likely watched Wes Welker’s final game for the Patriots. Brady will be 36 by Week One next season. Have we seen the end of the Tom Brady Super Bowl winning era? Only Jim Plunkett (36), Johnny Unitas (36) and John Elway (37 & 38) have Super Bowl titles this late in their careers.

As for Ray Rice’s locker room celebration, how about an ass bomb?

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And Michael Phelps posing with manboobs.

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Meanwhile, Falcons fans aren’t taking the NFC Championship loss very well. You mad, bro?

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As for Erin Andrews, I’m going to give her props. She actually handled a postgame interview with Patrick Willis better than most sideline reporters. She was able to ask great questions while Patrick stared at her chest. Excellent composure, Pageviews.


Finally, the NY Post sets the scene for what will happen in New Orleans. Bro Bowl.

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