Aaron Murray About To Bust A Cap In A Hog’s Ass [PHOTO]


Yes, that is Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray rocking the camo, with an assault rifle ready to light up some hogs. He just posted the photo to his Instagram account this afternoon so if you are in the Georgia wilderness, look out, Murray is a first time hunter.

Of course there are a fair share of Bulldogs fans who are just no fun, whining about staying safe and giving him tips to avoid injuries:

Aaron-Murray-Tweets (1)

Aaron-Murray-Tweets (2)

Calm down guys, can’t a guy just have a little hog huntin’ fun without annoying tweeters breathing down his neck. This tweet from @GeorgiaGunOwner is more of what we like to see:

Aaron-Murray-Tweets (3)

You heard him Aaron, bring back the pork!

You can bet your ass we’ll keep the updates coming as long as Aaron keeps posting. There have to be a few dead hog photos in our future, right?


Aaron-Murray-Hog-Hunting (2)

[h/t Aaron Murray Instagram]