32 Best Photos Of Aline Franzoi – The Next Great MMA Ring Girl



If you were tuned in to UFC on FX 7 over the weekend odds are you were caught with your mouth wide open gawking at the gorgeous ring girls on display. One of said ring girls is Aline Franzoi, a beautiful model/TV personality from Guarulhos, Brazil.

Franzoi, 20-years old, was hired by UFC to bring some Brazilian flavor to the event in an effort to showcase local talent. That’s right, neither of these girls have had any UFC experience in the past and were brought in just because they were hot locals. It finally seems like Dana White and the UFC are catching on to what the fans want.

MMA Junkie spoke with Franzoi after her exciting UFC debut:

It was a very good experience, and there was a lot of energy. I did get slightly nervous, but everything was great, just like I expected it to be. I’m really very happy to be here, and I hope to be able to continue with the UFC.

We hope so too.

Click here for full UFC on FX 7 results.

[h/t Cage Potato]

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