Ramona Bruland: The New Winter X-Games Host


The Winter X Games are set for Aspen, Colo. Jan. 24-27. It’s the first stop for the ESPN-created event as it makes its way through six cities, concluding in Los Angeles Aug. 1-4. The new host of the X Games is Australian-born Ramona Bruland, a skier and former competitive snowboarder who has worked as a TV host for 10 years. You may have seen Bruland appearing as herself on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Then again, maybe not.

Bruland is the poster-child for the X Games: fit, fearless and fashionable, with a college degree in outdoor adventure (what were her finals like?). It also doesn’t hurt that she’s hot, but what else would you expect from TWWL? Bruland is into kayaking, biking, yoga, snowmobiling — just about every sport that doesn’t involve a ball or puck. She’s probably used to fighting off game from dudes named Bode, Asher or Caleb while she chugs a Red Bull and plows through a few Clif Bars.

If you are into the X Games, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Bruland. Here’s a few pics that will let you get to know her better.