Models Wearing Ravens And Patriots Body Paint [PHOTOS]

Brian Landis Photographic

Sometimes you just get lucky. Earlier this fall, body artist Jamie Delawder painted models Lynette Hadey and Nikki Lee Young in Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots body paint as part of a shoot for ‘Blazing Hot’ magazine. As it turns out, the Ravens and Patriots will meet in the AFC Championship today in Foxborough. As it turns out better, Delawder and photographer Brian Landis captured the entire body painting session and put it on YouTube.

We know that some of you guys work in places where watching this sort of video could get you into trouble, so we screen-capped the parts you might be most interested in seeing today as part of your Ravens-Patriots pre-game research. You should go back and watch Delawder and Landis at work when you can…after the game.

[h/t: Jamie Delawder]
[h/t: Brian Landis Photographic]

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