Boston Dunkin Donuts Worker Writes ‘FU’ On Ravens’ Fan’s Iced Latte? (UPDATE: Nope.)

FU Dunkin Donuts Cup

The Baltimore Ravens take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship later today in Foxborough, Mass. Some Ravens’ fans have headed north from Maryland to see the game. Despite their team being an overwhelming favorite, Patriots’ fans are not entirely pleased to see anyone wearing purple.

Witness the welcome that Twitter user @BmoreCostello got when he ordered a drink at a Boston-area Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday while wearing a Ravens’ ‘Ball So Hard U’ shirt today:

That’s just good, old-fashioned New England-ese for “Friendliness Unlimited,” right? Surely, the kind people at Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t mean “F*** **U” when they wrote that on his cup in CAPS.

Yes, yes they did No. No they didn’t*. Ravens-Patriots starts at 6:30 p.m. (ET).

*UPDATE: A few Twitter followers suggested it could be ‘FV’ for French Vanilla. @BmoreCostello confirmed it.