Woman Welcomes Chip Kelly To Philly Via Crotch Grab [VIDEO]



New Philadelphia Eagles‘ head coach Chip Kelly has a nickname: “Big Balls Kelly.” A woman in Philadelphia may know if that label is anatomically accurate. (FYI – It comes from frequently pushing his Oregon teams to go for it on fourth down in 2010.)

After his introductory press conference in Philly on Thursday, Kelly made a few appearances in his new city. He made a surprise stop at the Philadelphia Sports Fans’ Choice Awards at the South Philadelphia branch of local sports bar/institution Chickie’s and Pete’s, where much revered former Eagle Brian Dawkins was being honored. At the ceremony, Kelly said a few kind words about Dawkins and his style of play.

And, some woman grabbed Kelly’s crotch…according to a story expertly told by Mike Missanelli on 97.5-FM The Fanatic during Friday’s drive time. We matched up the audio with a screencap of the lovely lady from video taken by the Eagles. Listen to the clip below:

(full podcast of show)

That woman probably has a better grip than Michael Vick, the Eagles’ quarterback who turned the ball over 14 times in 10 games this season. Kelly, 49, is unmarried and has no kids. The people he most often sees naked are 300-pound men dressed like Ducks, so maybe he appreciated the groping.

Kelly should enjoy his “honeymoon” period in Philly while it lasts. If his innovative offense goes three-and-out too many times next season, the Philadelphia fans may want to grab his balls in an entirely different way.

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