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Rece Davis Totally Jealous Over Johnny Manziel’s Sweet Swag

Is there anything else ESPN wants Johnny Manziel to prove? The guy can even provide color commentary before a Texas A&M basketball game. What did Manziel have to say. No idea. We don’t watch Thursday night college basketball in January. Rules are rules.

As for the game, Florida thumped the Aggies, 68-47. We’ll assume Johnny left early for a College Station power hour.

(via ‏@jlBed)

As for Lance Armstrong quotes on ESPN.  Why the long face?



Tough loss last night, ladies. Call us. Catfish us. Make the first move.

(via @marisagrimm)



As for your Manti update, the NY Post has things totally under control.

Picture 3

Let’s check in this morning with Suzy Kolber. Ditka is so pounding that. (Yes, that is from a week ago. Stay calm.)




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