Marlins’ OF Logan Morrison Finds Eskimo Brother On Twitter



It’s no secret that Logan Morrison is a fan favorite for the Miami Marlins. He runs one of the best Twitter accounts (@LoMoMarlins) in all of pro sports and has been known to actively interact with his fans.

Knowing that, a fan on Twitter reached out to Morrison on Thursday and said that the two had just become ‘Eskimo┬ábrothers’. For those that don’t know what that means, here is a few rough definition from Urban Dictionary:

A term used to describe two men who have had sex with the same woman.

The tweets started around 2:30 p.m. yesterday:

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (1)

Shockingly/curiously, Morrison responded almost immediately:

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (2)

The rest of the conversation is as follows:

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (3)

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (4)

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (5)

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (6)

Seeing the traction this conversation was gaining, a few stragglers came in with unfounded claims that they were in fact Morrison’s Eskimo brother as well.

Logan-Morrison-Marlins-Tweet (7)

We have to side with the girl and @baseballjones19 on this one. There is literally no way that a random chick at a Vegas pool party would name drop Logan Morrison. Had this been Jeter or Matt Kemp’s account, then yeah, we’d call BS. Hell, half the guys in your fantasy league still don’t know who Morrison is.

We’ll chalk it up to the fact that Morrison has chased so much tail over the past few years that this Canadian blonde just slipped his mind.

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