Is This Foul From Valpo’s Bobby Capobianco A Cheap Shot? Nope! [VIDEO]


In what Guyism is calling “arguably the dirtiest of the college basketball season”, Bobby Capobianco of Valparaiso fouled Detroit Mercy’s high flying Doug Anderson. Sure, this foul was hard and probably could be considered ‘flagrant’. Was it a cheap shot, worthy of a potential suspension? We think not.

Valpo was down 50-32 at halftime and was in the midst of a furious comeback (they ended up winning 89-88). Doug Anderson of UDM had a fast break in which he thought he was all alone for an easy windmill dunk. Boy was he wrong.

Capobianco was coming in hard, probably suspecting a layup or simple dunk. What happened was a hard foul that looked much worse than it was because of how Anderson was going up for the dunk.

Capobianco was hit with a technical, ejection and is now being ripped on the internet. There’s even word of a possible suspension. Was it a cheap shot? Was it really a dirty play? No.

[h/t Guyism]

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