The Manti Te’o Wonderlic Test

How will NFL GMs figure out exactly what’s going on in Manti Te’o’s head before the draft? They’ll use the official ‘Manti Te’o Wonderlic Test.’

Manti will get two minutes to take the test. As you can see, the test covers the hard questions that’ll help GMs figure out what marbles he has loose in his Hawaiian head. There are math questions. There are critical thinking questions. There are visual recognition questions.

Let’s see how intelligent this guy really is.

1. Assume the first two statements are true. Is the final one: 1 True, 2 False, 3 Not Certain

  • Speaks to Lennay on the phone
  • Falls in love with Lennay
  • Had phone sex with Lennay

2. Long distance phone calls cost .10 cents per minute. How much would you spend in a month if you made a 7-hour call each night for 30 days?

3. If Lennay’s chemo is $45,000 per month, how much would 4 months of treatment and four orders of $29.99 roses cost?

4. Assume the first 2 statements are true. Is the final one: 1 True, 2 False, 3 Not Certain

  • Lennay isn’t dead
  • Lennay isn’t your girlfriend
  • You’re still a virgin.

5. How many of the five pairs of items below are exact duplicates?

  • Lennay Kekua – Lenny Kekau
  • Lennay Kekua – Lennay Kekua
  • Lemon Kekua – Lenney Kakua
  • Marques Tuiasosopo – Marques Tuiasosopa
  • Gene Wojciechowski – Gene Wojaciechowzki

6. Dead | Never Existed – Do these:

  • Have similar meanings?
  • Have contradictory meanings?
  • Mean neither the same nor opposite?

7. Tuiasosopo went catfishing. He caught 4 catfish. Which one was the biggest?

  • 8.25″
  • 8.035″
  • 8.0035″
  • 8.256″

8. Manti is traveling 2,100 miles to Carson City, CA for his girlfriend’s funeral. He is driving 65 mph. How long will the drive take?

9. Deadspin | ESPN – Do these names:

  • Have similar meanings
  • Have contradictory meanings
  • Mean neither, the same or opposite

10. Which of the following is a naked photo of your girlfriend?




D.  All of the above

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