Manti Te’o Probably Didn’t Have A Very Good Hump Day


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I said it last night and still say it, you aren’t dating a chick until she’ll get naked on Skype without you paying for it. Manti Te’o never met Lennay in Hawaii, as his dad said he did. He never met Lennay in 2009 after a Stanford game. Deadspin lays out the story of how Te’o and the feel good story of the year was all a lie.

Just when I thought, over 5 years running BC, that I’d seen it all, Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend turns out to be a hoax. Was the guy catfished? It looks that way. Did Manti feel like he was in too deep with the media and was embarrassed to reveal that he was catfished? Possibly. Was Notre Dame, once learning about the catfishing, just hoping all of this would go away? Yes.

As far as catfishing goes, this is a complete home run.

We’ll spare you any more prose on this story. Let’s get to the screencaps.







As for the NY Post, they’re just getting warmed up.

Picture 6




And, finally, let’s end the morning with a smile instead of racking our brains with this Te’o story.


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