22 Best Manti Te’o Is Gay Conspiracy Tweets



The latest rumor swirling about Manti Te’o is that he is gay. The whole dead girlfriend thing, merely a cover-up. Some of the tweets were funny/true, like this one from @_ready4whateva: Te’o is gay if he stayed faithful to a nightly phone call.

We had some serious conspiracy theorists who think this situation goes deeper than any of us think. Look at this one from @EDubLovesBeer: Te’o does kinda give off that gay vibe. What would the church say? Maybe this cover-up goes all the way to the Vatican #ND.

Also, what’s the deal with people on Twitter? Do they not look and see that other tweets are out there? This tough guy, @drippy_maine, thinks he is a genius and nobody else has thought Te’o might be gay: Manti Te’o is gay. How is nobody else catching on to this?

Well, idiot, the thousands of tweets we filtered through to find these 22 would point to the fact that other people are catching on to this.

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