The Worst Baseball Tattoo – Ever? [PHOTOS]

Louisville Slugger Tattoo

Sports tattoos will never cease to amaze us. They’re the type of things that you never expect to get worse, yet always do. We see crazy tattoos all the time and the next one always seems to one-up the last. How could someone possibly outdo the horrible Dolphins belly tattoo? With this full arm Louisville Slugger tattoo, that’s how.

To make matters worse, this tat appears to have flames spewing off of the Louisville Slugger logo. Flames are always a no-go for tattoos unless, of course, said tattoo involves Dale Earnhardt.

The big mystery here is why is this guy such a big fan of baseball bats? Even if his grandfather started the company, is it a good move to get the Louisville Slugger logo tattooed along your entire forearm? Either way, less than 30 days until pitchers and catchers!

[h/t @darrenrovell via @ArmstrongWTVD]