Johnny Football & Girlfriend Score Clippers-Rockets Courtside Seats [PHOTOS]


Johnny Manziel just keeps producing content for the Internet. There he was last night with his girlfriend, Sarah Savage, in the front row at the Clippers-Rockets game. Those aren’t just any seats. Those are the folding chair seats.

How’d he get the seats? Probably from a family friend. Manziel’s father probably couldn’t use the seats so he gave them to Scooby and Savage.

Let’s recap the last couple months for this guy: Beat Alabama, wins Heisman, beats Oklahoma, has courtside Mavs seats, fans wad of money at casino, holds bottle of champagne at Dallas club, parties with random girls, gets on flight to BCS, forms bro-ship with McCarron, is ripped by Mike Stoops and sits in front row at Rockets-Clippers.

It’s true, if he were black, there would be NCAA investigations taking place right now.

Since he’s white, we’ll act like there’s nothing fishy going on with Manziel’s access to finer things in life. Afterall, when you’re white, win the Heisman and a merchandise bonanza for A&M, NCAA regulators should just look the other way.

By the way, Lob City won, 117-109.

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