Inside Edition Hires Katherine Webb To Work Super Bowl


The Katherine Webb victory tour continues. Ever since Musburger made her a celebrity via creeping, Webb hasn’t left the spotlight. Today Show interview? CheckSports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot? Check. How does Webb keep the train rolling? Well she announced via Twitter that she’ll be covering the Super Bowl for Inside Edition.Katherine-Webb-Super-Bowl-Coverage-Tweet

It’s funny to think that only a few weeks ago we discovered this beautiful girl with no name recognition and only a handful of Twitter followers. Fast forward to today and she is closing in on 300,000 followers and is hosting a Super Bowl show for one of the largest syndicated news programs in the country. It’s safe to say that America has Webb fever.

Imagine the chaos that will ensue when word gets out where she’ll be reporting from. Her safety might be in jeopardy if she is spotted out on Bourbon Street. We’re talking people being trampled to get in line for a photo with Miss Alabama USA.

Remember, Super Bowl XLVIII is in SEC country. You never know what could happen down there.

Of course there were a few haters on Twitter. Thankfully, Katherine’s future mother-in-law Dee Dee Bonner stepped in to lay down the law.


[h/t @_KatherineWebb via Last Angry Fan]

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