WWE Raw Highlighted By Really White Ass Shot From Dolph Ziggler


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BC Assistant Editor Robert Xavier had an email waiting for me this morning: “Thought you might want to include this in the morning twitpic. Its John Cena pulling down Dolph Ziggler.” It’s not that I really want to include an ass shot for you guys. It’s the ladies I’m thinking of around here. You’d be shocked how many women are becoming big fans.

So, ladies, this one goes out to you. By the way, Diggler might want to chill with the bronzer. There’s no word on who won the match during the Raw 20th anniversary show. Nope, I’m not googling it.

As for Brent Musburger calling his first game since the BCS boner, Kansas kept the hot chicks away from the horny old timer.


Stay focused, Brent.


Odds & Ends:

We don’t know much other than that a guy drove his snowmobile under a moose. If you’re going to go out, you might as well snap your neck on a moose.

(via ‏@whatthefavret)


What ever happened to the drummer from Danzig? He’s working in the spy department for the Knicks.

Picture 3

Finally, here is the bro who was ejected during the Heat-Jazz game. Love the rolled sleeve look. It screams Salt Lake City.


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