Source: Bounty On Brett Favre At Church Dodgeball Tournament [VIDEO]


We told you earlier today about Brett Favre participating last week in a $30 per team church dodgeball tournament in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Now the videos start to roll in. BC reader Brian Byrd was in the gym recording Favre launching a dodgeball and reports in.

“There were 40 teams. His made it to final 16. Same as our team. Think some may have put a bounty in him. He was hit quite a bit,” Brian reports.

Imagine that, a bounty on Favre.

As for his arm, the video clearly shows that the Gunslinger still has the arm strength. Aim, however, might be an issue.

Have another video of Favre playing dodgeball that we need to see? You know where to find us.


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