Paulina Gretzky-Dustin Johnson Update: Poolside Bikini Photo Time!

Paulina posted this photo to her Instagram account yesterday. Sure it’s just a simple picture of her and her man Dustin Johnson lounging poolside, but look at that bikini. If you are keeping track at home this is the same bikini she was wearing in the photo she posted on Sunday.

We initially ripped Dustin Johnson for his soul patch and asked if he was a good enough catch for Paulina. Then we saw this picture and take back all the negativity. That swimsuit is just dripping with swag.

It appears this photo was from the weekend when the lovebirds were still enjoying the Hawaiian sun because she’s been back in L.A. since Sunday night. After such a long and wonderful vacation, why would she be so happy to be home?

I can’t wait until the morons rip us in the comments or on Twitter. ‘This isn’t news, why are you posting this, blah, blah, blah.’ Well, until the day comes where she stops wearing those insane bikinis or you guys stop clicking we’ll continue to chronicle The Great One’s every move. Deal with it.

[h/t Paulina Gretzky Instagram]

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