Mike Francesa Rambles Like Clueless Moron About NFL OT Rules [VIDEO]


WFAN-NY listener Ike called in to the infamous Mike Francesa show to talk about the NFL overtime rules. Already a horribly boring to talk about in the first place, Francesa does everything he can to make it even worse.

It became pretty clear that Francesa had no idea what he was talking about and decided to cover it up by just talking about nothing until commercial break. Here are the official OT rules via NFL.com:

Remind us how this guy still has a show? Between pointless segments like this and falling asleep on the air it’s time for WFAN to move on.

P.S. What is wrong with this guy Ike? Just letting his wife drag him away from the TV on the weekend of the NFL Divisional Round? You’re better than that Ike.

[h/t sportspope via Bobs Blitz]

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