Great Super Bowl Grocery Displays: Our First International (Canadian) Submission



So you think that Super Bowl grocery displays are only popular at U.S. stores? Canada wants in on the competition. BC reader John V. sent us these photos over the weekend from the Sobeys  (second largest grocery chain in Canada) in Kitchener, Ontario.

This becomes the first international entry for the ‘Greatest Super Bowl Grocery Display’ competition.

John reports that the 2,500 Pepsi and Dr. Pepper cases used to make the 40-foot-long display are indeed full. As many of you know, in the U.S., the trend is to build grocery displays with empty boxes.

It’s refreshing to see that Canada is going old school with the Super Bowl display game.

Are you a Super Bowl grocery store display artist who wants recognized for your craft? Do you want in on the Super Bowl display competition? Send photos and info on your creation.



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