Brett Favre Keeps Arm Loose Via Dodgeball [UPDATE]



UPDATE: We now have a short video of Brett’s dodgeball aim.

How has Brett Favre been staying busy this winter? Oh, just by taking part in a Friday night dodgeball tournament at the Temple Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. Billed as the ‘5th Annual Dodge Ball Tournament,’ Favre was easily the biggest celebrity name in the $30 per team tourney.

The Gunslinger has been busy with alternative sports. You might remember back in November when he participated/cheated in a Southern Miss sorority 5K.

Favre throwing a rocket starts at :01. Just keep hitting replay.

From what we can see of the Twitpics, Favre is looking rather gray, but athletic. The three-step drop still looks smooth.  It’s like the guy hasn’t lost a step.

Brett-Favre-Dodgeball-Tweet (4)

To say the locals were excited to play dodgeball with Brett would be an understatement.

Brett-Favre-Dodgeball-Tweet (1)

Brett-Favre-Dodgeball-Tweet (2)

Brett-Favre-Dodgeball-Tweet (3)

Nailing guys in the head? Yep, sounds like Favre will be ready to roll once the Eagles call in August after the Nick Foles experiment begins to fall apart.

[h/t @RandyAndTheBand]

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