Um, Paula Creamer Tweets Butt Photo For 49ers-Packers Game


How many times do we need to tell you guys that Paula Creamer is the sneakiest hot chick on the LPGA tour? Take this weekend on Twitter when Creamer uploaded what you see here.

How many more times do we need to tell the LPGA to get its ass in gear and quit being fem-Nazis when it comes to promoting that there are sneaky hot chicks on the tour. You ask 100 guys what comes to mind when you say “Paula Creamer” and a majority would say “reminds me of my quiet sister,” or “who(?)”.

Then your superstar goes and tweets a butt photo while wearing those jogging pants.

Your social media director should’ve had that pic on the Golf Channel, running like 20 times before the Morning Drive was over.

Instead, crickets.

Take it from experts like us, Creamer is begging to be recognized from transforming herself from kinda dumpy, awkward teen golfer to a 26-year-old hot chick on the cusp of needing to get body painted for Sports Illustrated.

It’s not like the butch LPGA fem-Nazis even notice.

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Far right – sneaky hot.