Paulina Gretzky-Dustin Johnson Update: Dinner & An Instagram [PHOTOS]

Paulina-Gretzky-Dustin-Johnson (1)

On Friday, we showed you just how serious Paulina Gretzky was getting with PGA golfer Dustin Johnson. She brought him out to dinner with the family for her mom’s birthday, something you don’t just do with random morons Paulina normally meets in L.A.

Then came the weekend.

She tweeted out the above photo over the weekend with the following caption:

Dinner With My Man

Yep, I’d say we 100% confirmed they are sports new power couple. She was in Hawaii for New Years and appeared to stay there throughout Dustin’s run in the 2013 Tournament of Champions.

We thought she had gone back to L.A. Who stays in Hawaii for two consecutive weeks?


This was tweeted on Sunday.

Paulina-Gretzky-Hawaii-Bikini (1)

It appears she got home late last night judging by this tweet. The Hawaiian dream is over for Paulina. Just like that she’s back on that L.A. grind of dinner at ritzy restaurants, clubbing and not having a job. Poor girl.


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