Jenna Pallis Is Hottest 49ers Superfan Stripper Of The 2013 Playoffs [VIDEOS]

Jenna Pallis is a San Francisco area stripper who has made her NFL allegiances very clear. Sensing a 49ers victory, she posted a video during the second quarter of Saturday’s game to announce where she was going to be working for the postgame celebration.

Come and see me and show me some love and lets get drunk and lets party! So after the game I hope you’ll be there to play with me.

Between Jenna and Paula Creamer, I think the 49ers are the official team BC is pulling for from here on out.

Jenna also posted a video the day after the game and opened with the following message:

How about the 49ers. It was really fun watching the game with you guys yesterday  I’m really happy that they won and it was really fun getting drunk with you guys last night.

Yep, go Niners!

[h/t Jenna Pallis YouTube]