ESPN Intern Lasts One Day At Australian Open Before Getting Fired

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In case you didn’t notice last night at 11 EST, ESPN’s coverage of the Australian Open has started. It took very little time for some spring semester intern to pull this “First name, Last name” stunt that didn’t get past Twitter screencappers.

ESPN intern fail hunters will not rest.

In ESPN NFL news, Vince Wilfork was mistaken for Tom Brady, which is most likely a first for the lovable defensive lineman. Not only is Wilfork an all-Pro lineman, he’s now appearing in commercials. Make sure you catch his iRobot spot. Is he closing in on being the Black Tom Brady? 65% there.



In San Francisco, who exactly has the money to buy playoff tickets and then get so drunk that they get kicked out of Candlestick? It seems we missed a police scanner opportunity. It won’t happen again.



Odds & Ends:

That’s an interesting surname.



That’s not Darryl Sutter. Don’t worry, this isn’t NBC LA’s first rodeo with Kings’ fails. Remember last year during the Stanley Cup? Of course you do.

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A completely boring Monday morning for the New York Post. In case you missed it, you might want to catch Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech.

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