EBay Sketch Artist Sells This Katherine Webb Masterpiece For $20.50


Proving that anyone quick enough to recognize a social icon and paint a sketch of that icon, some guy on eBay turned this horrible Katherine Webb sketch into $20.50. It took 18 bids before some lucky soul took home this masterpiece from abssketchcards.

According to the seller:

Up for bid is a 1/1 Authentic ABS (ART by Steve) Sketch Card of Katherine Webb. This Sketch card was drawn by me, the artist, Stephen Burkett.  I have been drawing for over 15 years, and I have sold several of my sketch cards on Ebay over the last year.

This card is drawn on thick card stock. It measures 2.5 x 3.5, just as a normal trading card. 

This card will never be produced in the same way again.  It is a true 1/1 card.  This card is signed on the front of the card with a COA on the back of the card.

And it looks nothing like America’s sweetheart. The hair is a mess; the nose can be classified as an artistic disaster and what is going on with her left eyebrow?

The guy is also trying to sell this Suh sketch for $5. The more I think about it, this guy could be the next Warhol and who wouldn’t snap up Warhols for $5? Don’t say I didn’t warn you when this sketch artist is a pop culture icon.