Young Seahawks Girl Has Meltdown After Falcons Win [VIDEO]

Crying Seahawks Fan

When the Seattle Seahawks lost 30-28 today despite rallying from 20 points down — and leading 28-27 with 30 seconds left — some Seahawks’ fans undoubtedly needed to be held. The little girl in this video bawling her eyes out just prior to the last play of the game can relate:

Pete Carroll — this one’s on you:

Love that the older guy is so encouraging to the 10-year old with “They have one play left…” and tenderly suggests that they “…hold on to each other tight.” Unfortunately for this young fan, Rahim Moore plays in Denver, not Atlanta. GAME OVER.

“I hate football!”

This is a tough life lesson that it’s better for kids to learn at an early age: your favorite team will let you down and lose more than they will win. You give them your heart, and they will ball it up, throw it against the wall and serve it to the cat.

Sorry, kid. Toughen up…and send your hate mail to the coach who blew a timeout icing the kicker. He could have used it to get the Seahawks their own game-winning field goal try. Nice going, Carroll.

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