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The Best Damn Cheese Grater Head We Could Find At 49ers-Packers Game


morning twitpics

What did we learn about the Green Bay Packers last night? They might want to figure out a way to stop a running quarterback. When Colin Kaepernick goes for 181 yards on 16 carries, you have major defensive issues. When a rookie QB accounts for 444 yards and four TDs, you have major defensive issues.

When the 49ers go 8-13 on third downs, you have issues stopping a running quarterback and have major defensive issues.

(via Scott Kegley)

Yes, that was 2 Chainz jumping in on the Michael Crabtree interview.






Oops. Guess ESPN has a dot com internship that’s now open.




Ooops. Looks like the Handlebar Tavern needs a new sign editor.

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Odds & Ends:

How does that add up?



Picture 2



Finally, praying at the airport for Manning to win a game he’s supposed to win in the playoffs. Hope you enjoyed your flight.

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