Paulina Gretzky & Dustin Johnson Just Got That Much More Official [PHOTOS]


Paulina Gretzky Dustin Johnson Official

Earlier in the week we told you guys about Paulina Gretzky and PGA golfer Dustin Johnson. There were rumors swirling that they were now a couple and had been spending some quality time together in Hawaii. Doing our routine check of Paulina’s Instagram and Twitter pages this morning, something caught our eye.

Yesterday was Paulina’s mother’s birthday. She sent out this tweet in the afternoon:

Paulina Gretzky Tweet

Obviously we were curious as to how they’d spend Janet’s birthday. Then we saw this tweet:

Paulina Gretzky Tweet 2

That tweet was accompanied by the above photo of Paulina and Dustin looking rather cozy. That photo just took their relationship to the next level, right?

The fact that Dustin accompanied Paulina Pageviews out to dinner for her mother’s birthday has to mean that these two aren’t messing around. Does this mean that this is the end of Paulina as we know her? Does this mean there will be no more spread eagle bikini photos? No more Vegas party pictures? This could be the end of an era. Gulp.


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