Angry Clippers Fan Drops 24 F-Bombs In Under A Minute [VIDEO]


So what if this game was from last week. This video was posted today and somehow hasn’t made the rounds on the internet. This scary, angry man was spotted at the Nuggets vs. Clippers game in Los Angeles moments before he was escorted out of the arena.

This profanity ridden video is so confusing. Could somebody really be that fired up about an early January NBA game?

We counted 24 f-bombs in there, which equates to right around one every two seconds. The best part comes right around the :17 second mark. The angry Clippers fan smacks the beer out of the hands of an innocent bystander and drops the following line:

F*ck all you faggot ass mother f*ckas, f*ck your goddamn beer too nigga.

Videos like this are why tend to ignore the NBA until late May. The Nuggets won the game 92-78 which snapped the Clippers 17 game winning streak.

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