Michigan Students Rock Jorts To Last Night’s Game Against Nebraska [PHOTOS]



Hats off to the Michigan student section. Their wardrobe choice for last night’s game against Nebraska was one of the best and most creative efforts we’ve seen from a student section in a long time.

In something only Michigan could pull off, the student section collectively started a movement called the ‘jort out’ in an effort to get everyone in the Maize Rage to wear jorts to last nights game. Lets just say things went well…very well.

Michigan-Jort-Out (5)

There are bound to be haters out there, guys who say this is lame or gross. We here at BC applaud the effort. The shameless rocking off jorts that are far too short and show off far too much pasty whiteness is defintely ballsy.

The only issue is we didn’t see too many chicks participating. Michigan students, please do what you can to make this an annual tradition and make an effort to get the ladies involved next year.

The #2 ranked Wolverines won 62-47.

[h/t It’s Always Sunny In Detroit]

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