Michael Phelps Debuts Douchey Poker Bro Look At Bahamas $10k Tourney [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps Poker (2)

Michael Phelps seems to be enjoying the retired life. He recently dumped the ol’ ball and chain in Megan Rossee and one of his first moves as a single man is to head to the Bahamas for a poker tournament with a $10,000 buy in. What does a guy who’s done nothing but swim all his life know about poker? Apparently a lot.

According to PokerNews.com:

Phelps, on the other hand, had a great showing on Day 1b. At one point in the day, we happened to catch him when he bested Jake Bazeley in a battle of the blinds. Prior to that, Phelps won a decent pot off Dylan Hortin after flopping set of fours.

The tournament, dubbed the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, is referred to as “The Best 10 Days Of Poker On The Planet”. We’re not exactly experts on the poker lingo but apparently Phelps had a pretty solid start to the tournament. He fared much better than fellow celebrity Jason Alexander who was knocked out before dinner on day one.

Judging by his tweets he had a minor slip up yesterday on the main table (day two) but is still faring decently. Again, this is a marathon of a tournament so Phelps has plenty of time to turn things around. If this venture at the PCA proves successful, he just may have found his post-swimming career.

Michael Phelps Poker Tweet (2)