A.J. McCarron’s Mom Dee Dee Bonner Gets In Twitter Feud With Fan



Taking a page out of the original Pageviews playbook, Dee Dee Bonner has been getting a little aggressive on Twitter. Yesterday an aggressor that goes by @Big_irishlad came out of nowhere and started ripping Dee Dee and A.J. with a series of tweets. Dee Dee did not take kindly to this.

The first tweet came last night around 7:30 p.m. and the battle didn’t end until after 10:00 p.m. Dee Dee wasn’t going to let this hardo get away with it. Check out his first tweet and you’ll see where she’s coming from.

Dee-Dee-Bonner-Tweets (1)

Now we can’t debate the fact that A.J’s girlfriend Katherine Webb is getting more attention than he is. Although Dee Dee might not want to admit that, she still won’t let Twitter thugs, like @big_irishlad push her around.

Dee-Dee-Bonner-Tweets (2)

The intensity continued with this portion of the thread:

Dee-Dee-Bonner-Tweets (3)

Look at that. Dee Dee is ruthless, having called the kid a tool and a freak all in one Twitter war.

Dee-Dee-Bonner-Tweets (4)

The rest of this Twitter war got weird. The thug realized he was wrong after the previous tweet and acted all apologetic. Dee-Dee-Bonner-Tweets (5)

Although things didn’t get as intense as they do when Erin Andrews gets in Twitter feuds, this was surprisingly mildly entertaining. Let this be a lesson to all you Twitter tough guys out there that Dee Dee Bonner is not someone to mess around with.


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