Another Katherine Webb Autographed Bama Helmet Hits eBay – $249!

Katherine Webb signed helmet

Another day, another autographed Katherine Webb helmet goes up for sale on eBay. Yesterday the asking price was only $199.99. Now? The same seller has now listed what appears to be a second helmet for the price of $249.99. Was demand that high? Did that many people want to get their hands on a Tide helmet signed by the beautiful Miss Alabama USA?


Katherine Webb Mini Helmet Listing

Judging by the photo on the eBay listing, it is pretty clear that the seller approached Webb with at least four mini helmets. Webb, being the sweetheart she is, most likely signed every single one of them.

Webb told us via Twitter direct message:

(s)ome guys came up to me with like all kinds of merchandise and asked me to sign.

Katherine Webb Signs Helmet


If you lose out on the helmet or you can splurge on the Katherine Webb refrigerator magnet that’s currently listed for $5. Maybe even a copy of today’s NY Post with Webb gracing the cover, currently going for $6.95.

[Buy Katherine Webb’s Autographed Mini Helmet – eBay]