Alabama TV Station Mistakenly Gives Notre Dame 42-14 BCS Victory


morning twitpics

Mobile’s Fox 10 News gave its deaf viewers a heart attack during last night’s 5 p.m. broadcast with this horrible mistake. We’ll assume the station’s operator was inundated with angry Bammers blasting the intern who was likely fired over this ESPN-esque error.

As for Katherine Webb, this morning she’s on the cover of the New York Post and now has over 212k Twitter followers. Minus the score, this is how you know the BCS game was a disaster for the NCAA. What an action-packed day for the Post: Webb, Nets’ sex shock and Rex Ryan’s tattoo.

Picture 3

In NBA news, the Lakers only started Kobe last night and still lost to the Rockets.


How about this vertical from the Gerald Green of the Pacers.


Odds & Ends:

Yes, that’s a dog wearing a Seahawks costume (via @WashingtonGrown)


That’s all?


Stay tuned to KCAL for the rape schedule.


Of course the intern who pulled off this was fired.


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