I Suppose Katherine Webb Sorta Became Famous Last Night

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It was just a week ago when I noticed a beautiful girl sitting very close to AJ McCarron in what seemed to be more than just Miss Alabama meeting Mr. Alabama. One thing led to another and we were publishing a post that would launch Katherine Webb into what happened last night.

She had approximately 2,200 followers at the start of Monday. This morning, she has 118k+.

To those bloggers and media members who continue to rip Busted Coverage for gossipy sports dating posts, make sure you don’t write any posts about Katherine Webb. We wouldn’t want you guys to give your readers what they want.

If you have time, read @ddockett‘s timeline. It’s a riot.

Those of you who keep track of all things SEC will enjoy this Webb photo. And that’s before the Internet even knew about Webb.


BCS Odds & Ends:




Tebow cried, Cam lied, trees died, Notre Dame tried, Roll Tide.

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Finally, your NY Post covers.

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