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Divine Intervention: Alabama ‘A’ Appears During Nick Saban Gatorade Bath

Our Alabama TV reporter friend Nick Lough (@NickLough) from the NBC affiliate in Huntsville sent this screencap to us this morning but it just seemed too good to be real. That ‘A’ had to be the work of Photoshop, right?

There is no possible way an ‘A’ would form during Nick Saban’s BCS Championship Gatorade bath. No way. Not possible. The most Alabama thing ever. Impossible.

Um, then we saw this GIF from Deadspin. That’s Barrett Jones, left, dumping the bucket. Watch his elbow.

God obviously had Alabama -9.5. It’s like someone spotting a Virgin Mary on a potato chip, but you can’t put this on eBay.

What a special moment in time.






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