We’ll Never Forget When RG3’s Knee Was So Promising [Morning Twitpics]


If you watched the Redskins-Cowboys game, you knew RG3’s right knee was a mess. He couldn’t run, couldn’t really plant on the knee and needed Alfred Morris to have a historic game to beat Dallas. Then came last night. Can a brother get an amen for Mike Shanahan and Dr. Andrews should be ashamed of themselves?

How exactly do you throw the guy out there for nearly four quarters?

According to the Washington Post, RG3 told Mike he was game:

I want to be in there, and I deserve to be in there.’ And I couldn’t disagree with him,” Shanahan said. “You have to go with your gut. I’m not saying my gut was right. . . . I’ll probably second-guess myself.”

Thanks, Mike. Kids will one day ask their father’s if RG3 used to be a great running quarterback.


Let’s go to Pam Oliver who has an update on RG3.  Badonkitty, donk.


And what’s up with that giant ring Pageviews was wearing?

Erin Andrews Ring

That’s Richard Sherman getting a hand in his face during the postgame handshake.


Meanhwile, in Colorado, they’re planning a retirement party for Saturday.

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Finally, a slow start of the week for the Post.

Picture 4