The Harlem Globetrotters Playing Basketball On Ice – In Michigan

The Harlem Globetrotters chose today to strap on their helmets and cleats (yes, cleats) and got ready for the most odd, and probably boring, basketball game we’ve ever heard of. The game took place at Millennium Park in Portage, Michigan, a small town outside Kalamazoo.

According to the Huffington Post “dozens of fans braved the blustery winds.” Why would the Globtrotters, claiming this event would “help fill the void of the cancelled Winter Classic,” host such a unique game at Noon on a Monday to a crowd of dozens? We’re not saying if it was on a better day and time it would drawn thousands, but odds are it would have been more than dozens.

Globetrotter stars Stretch Middleton, Scooter Christensen, Bones Millien, and Moose Weeks were in action and must have been pumped ready and raring to go when they saw the 36 people that showed up.

The game ended, 24-10, with the Globetrotters, as usual, victorious. Standing in an 18-degree wind chill at noon on a Monday sounds awesome, right?

[Images via Topsy and Harlem Globetrotters]