Media Pounding AJ McCarron With Girlfriend Katherine Webb Questions [VIDEO]


You had to know the hard hitting questions were going to come for A.J. McCarron this week. There was no chance the SEC media were going to let the fact he’s dating an Auburn grad slip through the cracks.

NBC-15 Alabama reporter Clement Townsend sat in on McCaronn’s press conference. During his report, this veteran newsman let the Bama faithful know that McCarron’s relationship with Miss Alabama “created quite a buzz on the internet.” Hmm, we seem to remember something about that last week. Oh, that’s right, we broke the story, brah.

McCarron responded it was insane that people care about his relationship. With fans like this, is it really insane to think that the Tide faithful might be a little unnerved with the fact their QB is with an Auburn girl?

It didn’t stop there. During media day on Saturday linebacker CJ Mosley was asked if it was “kind of weird for (Alabama players) sleeping with the enemy a little bit”.

Of course the Montgomery Advertiser spun it this way:

Mosley handled the classless inquiry well and said he was unaware of the circumstances.

Yeah, so classless. Mosley responded:

It’s his love life. I can’t complain about it. If he’s happy, I’m happy.


[h/t Montgomery Advertiser, @ctownsend15spts]

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