White Trash Notre Dame Chick Scuffling With Bama Outside Miami Bar [VIDEO]


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a white chick with a Notre Dame hat on backwards with sunglasses riding on the hat outside The Clevelander on South Beach two days before the BCS?

White trash, right? Exactly.

And here most of you figured Alabama would be bringing the white trash element to South Beach for the BCS festivities. Remember, white trash people from Indiana usually end up in Tampa, Ft. Myers and Bradenton. Some of those white trash end up moving to Homestead and ultimately outside The Clevelander to talk shit with Bama fans.

Sure, there are no punches thrown, but Muncie vs. respectable Bama fans gets us excited for this game. It’s mobile homes vs. mobile homes. Drunk Irish vs. Southern Baptist. Scumbag Irish fans vs. Birmingham elite.

Things are just starting to get good.

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