Erin Andrews Wearing Glasses Get High Marks From Busted Twitter Followers

Erin Andrews n Glasses Get High Marks From Busted Twitter Followers

I talked to my dad last night while he was watching Johnny Manziel for the first time. His response: “That little shit can really move.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Sure, it wasn’t like Scooby was going against the Stanford or Notre Dame defenses, but when a guy combines for 516 yards and 4 TDs, that’s sorta decent in college football. He conquered Bama – on the road – and then manages to have this performance after 20 days of being Mr. Heisman. It speaks for itself.

The only damage from Johnny’s December seems to be in the relationship department. It sure looks like he and his girlfriend might have hit a rough patch. Sarah Savage isn’t exactly screaming at the top of her lungs on Twitter like during the Heisman trip to New York.

As for OU, at least the cheerleaders had fun. (via @TayGolloway)





As for Rex Ryan’s vacation, the NY Post finally has a photographer on the ground in the Bahamas. Remember, he really, really, really loves Michelle. Like really loves her.

Picture 3

Finally, you want another reason why I hate the NBA? That’s an impressive defense run by Memphis last night against Portland. That’s a true box-and-one.


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