Someone Better Have Kansas State Kelly Kapowski’s Twitter Account For Us By Lunch [Morning Twitpics]



What did we learn about the Fiesta Bowl last night? There were very, very hammered fans at that game and that the #FiestaBowlScanner was on fire. In case you missed any of the tweets, here is a full recap.

Now, someone figure out the Twitter account – or Instagram – for Kansas State’s Kelly Kapowski. There’s just something about how she grabs that hair after an Oregon kickoff return for a touchdown to start the game.

So much passion.


And how about that one-point safety from Oregon. According to the @FiestaBowl account, it’s as rare as it sounds.

To clarify on the 1-point safety: it’s happened 4 times in college football (one junior college game, one NAIA game), but only twice in FBS.

Wait, what game did I watch?


Wait, that promo ran during the Fiesta Bowl? Yes it did. Seriously, this ran during the Fiesta Bowl.


NFL Odds & Ends

What idiot gets this jersey? What does it even mean? I’m not sure lighting him on fire is the best response, but he definitely needs his ass kicked.

Picture 6

Picture 7


Via @recordsANDradio

And, finally, the NY Post is running out of steam on the sports cover.

Picture 3

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