Redskins Fan Paints Team Logo On Her 9-Inch Fingernails, Loves Dan Snyder & RG3



Meet Pepper Cox. She’s the woman you see walking around Washington D.C. with the crazy 9-inch fingernails. But those fingernails are a novelty this week for the D.C. media who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to the Skins being NFC East champions.

What is painted on those nails?

Fox D.C. has the details:

Pepper Cox’s fingernails would be eight feet long if you lined them all up.

“Altogether, 97 inches,” says Cox.

She’s a proud D.C. native and what’s going on right now with the Redskins has her pretty excited. Of course, her favorite player is Robert Griffin III.

Her advice to the ‘Skins savior: “Relax. Take it all in. Smell it – because NFL means ‘not for long,”‘ advises Cox.

Will Cox, who works for the National Park Service, be at FedEx with those nails for Sunday’s game? Nope, she’ll be “30 deep” at a friend’s house. The only problem we have with this Fox report is that the reporter didn’t get Pepper to throw a football – or try to catch a pass.

Now that would be great television.

[HT: SportsGrid]   [Pepper Cox Nails – My Fox D.C.]




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