Angry Man Trying To Watch Sugar Bowl Poured Poop On His Girlfriend [Cuff ‘Em]



South Carolina resident Dwight Anthony Boyd really wanted to watch Wednesday night’s Sugar Bowl featuring Louisville and Florida. How badly? Very badly. Like, just go away and don’t mess with the TV, badly. And then his girlfriend had to start a drunken argument.

According to WSPA CBS in Spartanburg:

Authorities were called to a home on Hugh Street late Wednesday night for a report of domestic violence.

When they got there, Dwight Anthony Boyd, 51, admitted to pouring feces on his girlfriend because she would not leave him alone while he was watching football.  He told investigators that he told the victim earlier in the evening that if she came back into the room he would take feces from a portable toilet belonging to an elderly man in the home and throw it on her, according to an incident report.

The victim says Boyd hit her and knocked her to the floor.  Boyd denies hitting her.

The pair lived together in the home at the time.  Officials say both were drinking. adds Boyd allegedly “pushed his girlfriend onto the kitchen floor and then poured feces from a portable toilet belonging to an elderly man.”

A recent records check of the Spartanburg jail shows that Dwight is still in the slammer on an unrelated bench warrant.

No word if Dwight had Florida in a moneyline teaser with Florida State.

[Upstate Man Arrested After Throwing Feces On Girlfriend]

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