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Thieves Steal 7 Kegs Of Budweiser From Churchill Downs [Cuff ‘Em]


Police said two men stole seven kegs of beer from Churchill Downs then came back to the track to gamble. Brian West, 44, and Ryan King, 26, were caught on camera loading the kegs into a truck Sunday night. Police were able to track down the track and arrested West and King on sight, but were not able to locate the beer. They estimate the total value of the seven kegs of Budweiser that were stolen at close to $800.

Don’t mind that mess of a report, it’s from a Louisville television station.

Two things not in this report:

1. How do two guys just happen to steal seven kegs and nobody at Churchill Downs realizes two guys are ripping off seven kegs?

2. How much can one get for seven kegs on the Louisville black market? Certainly not $800.


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