Raiders & Chargers Fans End 2012 Season With One Great Knockout Punch [VIDEO]


Stuck at work and can’t watch YouTube videos because the IT department is run by a bunch of jerkoffs who won’t even let a video slide during lunch? I’ll try to paint a picture for this one from the parking lot after Sunday’s Chargers-Raiders game in the rain.

Raiders fan: “F*ck you.”

Chargers fan: “F*ck you.”

Raiders fan: “Get the f*ck in the car then.”

Chargers fan: (muffled trash talk)

Raiders fan: “F*ck that sh*t.”

Raiders fan #2: “Sup, bitch”

Chargers fan: (Haymaker lands square on Raiders fan #2’s head)

Peanut Gallery: “Oh, sh*t! One-hit quitter. Oh, sh*t”

And both sides went home to figure out where they’d be drafting in 2013. It’s pretty much your run-of-the-mill Raiders-Chargers fight where one moron gets drilled and stops running his mouth.

Is this one worth risking your career to watch during lunch? Depends on how bad you want to change jobs.

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