Guy At Fiesta Bowl Is Passed Out & Choking On Puke In Women’s Bathroom; 20 Ejections (Updates)



According to @ArizonaNewsnet:

Fiesta Bowl: Section 404 women’s restroom evacuated due to intoxicated male passed out on the floor. Police officers might have saved his life. Male was aspirating on vomit, was rolled on his side to open airway.

And more from the Oregon-Kansas State.

Fiesta Bowl: Approx. 20 people ejected from seats due to violations in past 30 minutes of game. Liquor Enforcement Officer just assaulted.


Fiesta Bowl: Reported intoxicated person ejected by police, called 911 to complain while being escorted out.

Sounds like a helluva party. It’s gonna be one of those nights.

Do you know the guy who was puking in the women’s bathroom? Have a Twitter account we can analyze?

Picture 4

Via: @TheKid_82


Via @DrakeDobbs


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